DF n°4, Interview with THE BLIZZARD SOW, December 2nd, 2004

This was our third show on Radio Campus, and the fourth radio show of the story of Douche Froide. The first one was held in June 2003. We had invited the crazy Franco-Ukrainian band The Blizzard Sow for a trip into the muddy territories of “deep folk”, a music genre the band had created in reference to the Deep South and to the nightmarish stories of their folk songs. We had a very funny interview with them and they played in acoustic some of their new songs. Their first album, Baagou Music, had just been released on the label Cynfeirdd. However, we had received the bad news of John Balance’s death and it was quite a shock. The band Coil had been so important for us. And the song “Are You Shivering?” was our introductory hymn. So there is a feeling of melancholia while listening to this show, even if we took a lot of pleasure and laughed a lot while doing it.

Here’s the playlist:
CROMAGNON, Crow of the Back tree / Genitalia
DEATH IN JUNE, Tears of the Hunted
ALEX FERGUSSON, There’s a smile
ANNA HOMLER, Pillow Song
SANDY BULL, Little Maggie
AMBIANCE ANONYME, Oysters in the Desert
CRASH WORSHIP, Wild Mountain
HASIL HADKINS, We got a date
DDAA, White (au ralenti)
CURRENT 93, Benediction
SWIRLING SWASTIKAS, Death is the martyr of beauty
SWANS, Failure
RED, Dyin’ in the wine
ALLERSEELEN, Heimliche Welt (excerpt)
THE BLIZZARD SOW, A Sordid Tail from the Bayou Land, You walk alone, Elastic Rick, They dance at night
THE BLIZZARD SOW, Live acoustic.
COIL, The lost rivers London, The dreamer is still asleep, There’s too much blood in my alcohol, Are you shivering?

DF n°3, Interview with PIANO MAGIC & Live with DENIS FRAJERMAN, November 1st, 2004

On October 16th, 2004, the band Piano Magic came to play at a venue in Toulouse named Fairfield Café. It was a really small place so we were surprised to see such a great name play there. We had been impressed by the recordings of the band, especially the Popular Mechanics album, the compilation Seasonally Affective and the soundtrack Son de Mar for Bigas Luna's movie. Of course, we asked them for an interview that we did in the restaurant just on the other side of the street. In the same radio show, we invited the musician Denis Frajerman, known notably for his participation in the experimental band Palo Alto. He offered us a live session, mostly improvised and very poetic. Before his concert in the radio studios, we talked about his career and all the different bands in which he participates. We even played some of his very first songs in the eighties and we made a reading of a text by his friend, collaborator and very famous writer, Antoine Volodine! 

Download Link : Part 1 / PIANO MAGIC : http://www.mediafire.com/?wf67t2e2hw42c1o
Part 2 : DENIS FRAJERMAN : http://www.mediafire.com/?zb2tfxvzt1nnzp4