DF n°72, Interview with HOROLOGIUM, November 24th, 2008

In September 2008, we went to the Mediterranean Autumn Festival organized by David from La Esencia in Barcelona. It was the opportunity for us to meet some artists of the post-industrial scene, such as Horologium, the project from Grzegorz Siedlecki from Poland. We have often played his music so we wanted to see what it looked like on stage. Unfortunately, we got lost in the city and we arrived too late for his concert. We were quite disappointed but we talked with him anyway about his work.

Here's the playlist of this show:

HUMAN FLESH, Maybe your skin (Love at first sigh)
NASTRO MORTAL, Lava ezolle Terrestri Volvox
TERRIBLE EAGLE, Administration of Food and Drugs
HOROLOGIUM, Introduction: Dionysus vs Apollo, The Opening, The Return of the Sun, Mood 001, The great hunting, Kazanie Ogniste III, Following Artemis, etc.
VOX POPULI!, Avaze Djodayi
ARCANA, Le serpent rouge
LAND, Branchages
JARBOE, A sea of blood and hollow screaming
GEINST 'NAIT, Petit navire
KINK GONG, Champasac Province in Laos
DISSECTING TABLE, Silent violence
STAUROS to OKEMA, Le souffle de l'argile
VOX POPULI!, From late afternoon towards nighttime giving it to the golden light
CURRENT 93, The breath and pain of God

DF n°71, Interview with HERMANN KOPP, November 10th, 2008

Hermann Kopp corresponds to our definition of the real artist, with a visionary strength and a very personal approach. Since his minimal electro classics Aquaplaning in Venedig and Pop in the very early eighties, and his soundtracks for Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2 and Der Todesking by Jörg Buttgereit, his violin-playing has just haunted our minds. We have met him in Barcelona as he had just released one of his masterpieces, Under a Demon's Mask on Galakthorrö. This is quite an extensive interview, and it was a great moment for us. We are still in touch with the artist, who is a very humble, interesting and kind person. You can only like him instantly. And we asked him to participate in our commemorative compilation-CD, Icy Breath on Burning Flesh, for which he created a fascinating piece inspired by Rimbaud's "Le Bal des Pendus". If you enjoy his universe, we played his music for three hours. Recommended for Kopp addicts!