DF n°160, Interview with VOLCANO THE BEAR, June 18th, 2012

By the end of March, we went to see several times Volcano the Bear during their French tour. After their show in Albi, we had a long conversation with Daniel Padden and Aaron Moore and here is the recording of it. Of course, we talked about their new album, Golden Rhythm/Ink Music, but also about many other subjects, from pataphysics to record covers, from the themes of identity and sound to the virtues of forgetfulness.

THOROFON, Flesh & Steel
FUJAKO, Mal'ak (eroded by Tzii)
THOMAS BEL, Les heures grises
AIMA & PINO CARAFA, Ochi di Notte
VOLCANO THE BEAR, Buffalo Shoulder, The Last song of Norway, Baby Photos, There in the house of the moon, Wood frong pond, Planetary Bethlehem, Spurius Ruga, Shake your Crow, Did you ever feel like Jesus, Millipede for the little boy
OPERATING THEATRE, Fingerdance Waltz/Hymn
IRIS GARRELFS, Alien Nebula Rider
DAVEN KELLER, Métronome 10
7JK, Boxed in green
BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE, Between sleeping and walking
SKINCAGE, Regenesis
PAN & ME, The Lighthouse at two lights
NEON RAIN, The cellar is the safest place

Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?mo8qy6hw2581vub

DF n°159, Interview with ATTIC TED, June 4th, 2012

By the end of March and beginning of April, our long-time Texas-based hero Attic Ted came to France for a first tour in our country. We were very enthusiastic about this meeting and we talked extensively about the 10-year-old story of Attic Ted, the masks, art, and this weird carnivalesque post-punk gothic country noisy lo-fi sound that we have never heard anywhere else. We also explored the story of the label Pecan Crazy on which we find a lot of other very interesting bands. Apart from this, during this show, we talked about the release on DVD of Masaki Kobayashi's cruel classic Hara-kiri.
The photos below were taken in France, the first one in Plateforme (Paris) by Marjory, the second one in Fleurs du Mal (Toulouse) by Max.  

LAIBACH, Zmagoslavje volje
INSULA LUCIS, 'Eis 'Elion (Orphic Hymn to the Sun)
NICO FIDENCO, A dive into the past (Zombi Holocaust Soundtrack)
ATTIC TED, I need some glasses, Sure to Lose, Fountain, Social Pressures, Ergot, Reflextion, Waste of Time, Here we are, Ring goes the phone, Patty Hearst, The House, Farewell Ferris Wheel, Package
UNSURPASSED PROFIT, I just wanna kill
MAURIZIO BIANCHI, Celtichants (excerpt)
HOROLOGIUM, Gone with the wave
EUROP EUROP, This song makes me cry
TROUM, Biladari
THE HET, 1893
SOMA SEMA, Under waves
PSYCHE, Dark Pool
NINA BELIEF, Cracken Attack
GARDENELLA, Bureaucracy
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, Aplicación insospechada
PSYCHE, Goodbye Horses (Immortality Mix)