Interview with THE DEAD BROTHERS, April 2007

Back in 2007. On March 31st, we met the guys from the Swiss band The Dead Brothers just before they played in a bar called Chez Pierre in Toulouse. The interview was made in their own car and it was totally improvised since I learned about this show at the last minute. However, I remember that the day after, they did an amazing show in a kind of circus decor just outside of the city, inside a big top. People just went crazy, and I discovered the trance-like aspect of their sound. It was very different from the melancholy atmosphere of an album like, let's say, Wunderkammer. The interview was broadcasted in April. The sound is not very good but it remains a nice souvenir anyway, since after that, the band stopped for a while and the line-up changed completely. Here I was with Pierre Omer and Christoph Gantert.
The other songs, apart from The Dead Brothers, are by Idiot Saint-Crazy, Duet Emmo and Ghédalia Tazartes.

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