DF n°118, Interview with ART BEARS, September 27th, 2010

Art Bears has never been an easy band to classify. Between 1978 and 1981, they have released three classic albums, full of beauty and creativity, at the crossroads between folk and contemporary music, and based on the eccentric and gothic expressivity of Dagmar Krause's vocals. A reformation of the band with the three original members in Carmaux for the Rock in Opposition festival was something not be missed. The medieval elegance, avant-garde song constructions and hypnotic ceremonial aspect of the show stay very vivid in our memory. We talked with Fred Frith, who speaks French fluently, about this band that was active 30 years ago and it seemed to be a real pleasure for him to re-explore these old songs, as if they had been written by someone else. During this show, we also taked about a very strange (real or imaginary?) film-maker named JX Williams as a book was just released on this iconoclast of the Hollywood film industry.

SWANS, No Words/No Thoughts
ZOMBIE ZOMBIE, Halloween main theme
DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED, Homo Homini Lupus
ALLERSEELEN, Schlussbild
INTERPOL, Safe Without/All of the Ways
ART BEARS, Revisited by The Residents, Labyrinth, Rats and Monkeys, Freedom, The Bath of Stars, Gold, Maze, Three Figures, Revisited by Ossatura, The Dividing Line, (armed) Piece, All Hail (live)
ATARAXIA, Sigillat
HNAS, Brate mich auf offenem Feuer
DDAA, Verdeter
RAPOON, A Time Before
BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK, La confrérie Sarmong (feat. Tamerlan)
KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK/NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, Psychic Activity of Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov in the night before a start

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