DF n°125 Tribute to Rozz Williams, January 3rd, 2011

This show revolved around a book published by Camion Blanc and written by Sébastien Michaud. The title of this book is "Rozz Williams: Le Théâtre des Douleurs". It was the opportunity for us to talk about this artist and to read some of his poems.

Here are some tracks we have played of ROZZ WILLIAMS, with CHRISTIAN DEATH, PREMATURE EJACULAION, CONTROLLED BLEEDING, DAUCUS KAROTA, GITANE DEMONE, DAVID E. WILLIAMS or HELTIR :Neue Sachlichkeit, Currents, The Luxury of Tears, The End is Here, Exit, Mother, Gleichschaltung, Burnt Offerings, Alone with the Devil I &II, Cervix Couch, The Evil Ones, When I was Bed, The Agents of Death, Electra Descending, Doubtful Origins, Desperate Hell, Deathwish, The Stranger, As Evening Falls, Flusterwitze, Visitation, No Soldier (Clock of Shit), Poison, Frozen Roads, Cavity, Strong Arm Tactics, Stairs, Uncertain Journey, Ruptured Walls, The Fleeting Somnambulist 

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