The Pain of our Loss

Last Friday, I was talking on the phone with Jérôme, my dearest friend and recent collaborator of the radio show Douche Froide. We talked about his coming projects, concerts and albums he planned to release on his own label, Verba Scripta. And we joked a lot, of course. He was to come to Toulouse the day after and sleep at my apartment as always. But he never came. Two hours after this phone call, he was on his way to the stars. We loved you so much, Jérôme, and words cannot explain our pain. Many of you might know his music through the records of Porn.Darsteller, his very original analog electronic project, very much inspired by 70s B-movie and porn cinema. He was now working under the name of La Mort de l'Hippocampe, and I had the opportunity to listen to the coming records which were sounding like real artistic masterpieces. I discovered a lot through you, Jérôme, and I have always been fascinated by your talent, ever since we met during the golden days of the Invasion Planete Label. During this last phone call, we talked about our coming radio show which was to focus on Belgian band Club Moral. You admired them a lot and you were to bring pieces from your nice collection of vinyls on the following Monday. I have read today the last email you sent to me and you talk to me about the series Carnivale, which I had given for you to see, and you told me that Adrienne Barbeau was still quite attractive even though she's quite old now. We had so much things to share together, I cannot help but feel this sudden departure as a shock. Today I looked at some old photographs of us together and thought about all these hilarious and wonderful moments we had together. See you soon, Jérôme. We have always laughed at the grotesqueness of life, and I still hear your voice smiling resounding in my head.
We miss you so much.
Jérôme with Hermann Kopp during our last trip together to Barcelona on May 15, 2011

                                  Here, with your favourite "chapka".

La Mort de l'Hippocampe's coming records will be published by the Enfant Terrible label:

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  1. I don't know what to say except that this painful text is "nice" to read, through the pain...
    Love the expression "He was on his way to the stars"... Dear Jérôme...The surrounding silence opposed to your voice and laughters is almost unbearable. You took such a big piece of our hearts with you when You left. Love.