DF n°149, Interview with TUXEDOMOON, January 16th, 2012

On September 6th, 2011, we met Peter Principle and Steven Brown of Tuxedomoon, just before their concert during the Etrange Festival in Paris. They had created a new soundtrack for the cult film of gay culture, Pink Narcissus. It was an opportunity for us to ask them questions about their relationship to cinema. We played many songs from their 35 years old career. During this show, we also dealt with 70s American cinema and the book Absolute Directors by Frank Buioni.

IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, Death just only Death
TRIARII, Iron Fields
DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED, The Sacred Mount of Tara
PHILIPPE PETIT, Oneiric Rings on Grey Velvet part. 7
TUXEDOMOON, Love/No Hope, Some Boys, I left my heart in San Francisco, Nite and Day, Boxman (Mr. Niles), Les Odalisques, In the Name of Talent (Italian Western), Catalyst, I've heard it through the grapevine, Needles Prelude, Day to Day, The Bridge, No Tears, Somnambulist, Carry on Circles, Soma, No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, III (April in Afghanistan), Célébration future de la Divine (Live)
LARSEN, It was a very good year
CYCLOBE, You're not alone, you're dreaming
MAYBE MENTAL, Over Dark Harbors
FLUE, Some-Times
THE ACTOR, Gentlemen & Pettycoats
TWILIGHT RITUAL, The Suburban Westland
SS-SAY, Care
MARIA ZERFALL, Totenstille
BRUME, Dark Forest

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