DF n°84, Interview with NAEVUS, May 11, 2009

We met the English band Naevus as they were invited to perform for the first time In France at the Café de la Danse. The concert was organized by our friend Vincent and, as we have been quite seduced by this band since their first album Truffles of Love, we wanted to know more about them and Joanne and Lloyd were really charming persons.

LES CHASSEURS DE LA NUIT, excerpt 3 Homo Homini Lupus
PSYCHIC TV, I am making a mirror
JARBOE, Let go
CONTRASTATE, Locked inside a dying horse
NAEVUS, Chairs are men, A nausea, Eden, Kill your Friends, Break no Bread, Traffic Island, The Lonely Remedial, How dogs die, Look at the State, Visions Rushed, Mistakes, Water's work
RETARDER, Turn that Light off, Tongue in the Wind
DIE WEISSE ROSE, At the doorsteps of our temple
EVIL TWIN, Ice Pick for an old flame
ANTLERS MULM, Painted Grave (Blue version)
GIFBAF, Opus zéro (souplesse dans l'infini)
QUATTROPHAGE, Palimpseste 4
MAEROR TRI, Yearning for the secrets of nature

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