DF n°86, Interview with JARBOE, June 8th, 2009

When we met Jarboe, it was such a strong emotion that we almost felt like bursting into tears. Apart from her artistic talents and the fact that she has one of the most impressive female voice of our era, she is such a generous person, with that slow-speaking Southern flavour in her accent, and she has such a charisma that you can only be seduced. Meeting her was a real gift, and I hope we will have the opportunity of talking to her again in the near future. We dedicated this radio show to her work, which is very eclectic, and that's a good thing!

Here's the playlist:

KNIFELADDER, White walls
CURRENT 93, Invocation of almost
JARBOE, Summoning Tigers in dark eden, Within, Song for dead time, Dear 666, My buried child, Blood and honey, Mouth of flames, A sea of blood and hollow screaming, Bornless, Everything for Maria, Erase, The Long march of ghosts, In my Garden, Pure War, Blackmail, Decay, Kali Lamentation 4, Circles in red dirt, Scorpion, Receive, Children of God, Kali Lamentation 5, Mother's milk

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