DF n°96, Interviews with DEUTSCH NEPAL & DER BLUTHARSCH, October 26th, 2009

This show was programmed just before the show of And Also The Trees in a beautiful chapel in Toulouse, so we started by playing some songs from this cult band, then we broadcasted two interviews we had in Paris with our all-time-hero Peter Andersson from Deutsch Nepal and Albin Julius from Der Blutharsch. It took place on September 21st at a venue called Le Zebre, in a kind of cabaret atmosphere. During this show, we also did a review of the film The Serpent's Egg by Bergman as this strange piece of cinema was just released on DVD in France.
The photos below were taken during the concert in Paris, except for the first one, taken on May 22nd in Leipzig as Deutsch Nepal was playing on the same stage as Nocturnal Emissions.

Here's the playlist:

AND ALSO THE TREES, River of Flame, This Ship in Trouble, Slow Pulse Boy, A Room Lives in Lucy (acoustic)
THOMAS BEL, Die Linien der Herbstes
DEUTSCH NEPAL, Neris of Tears, Untitled 1 (w The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud), UR Blackhouse, Tender Lover, Scoria (w.Bocksholm), Chatrine I from Above, We are all prostitutes, Procession, M/S Elusive Pain, City of Stone, Bird of Steel
DER BLUTHARSCH, Time is thee enemy 2, First 12, Flying High 1, When did Wonderland end 8, The Smell of Blood and Victory 10, Flying High 2, Time is thee enemy 9, The Philosopher's stone 2, Flying High 4, Flying High 9, Flying High 8, The Track of the Hunter 15
THIS HEAT, Makeshift Swahili, A new kind of water.

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