DF n°95, Interview with LEFDUP & LEFDUP, October 12th, 2009

In September 2009, we had the opportunity to meet Jérôme and Denis Lefdup at Le Snark, the place where they work in Paris. Their last film, Histoire Trouble, had just been projected during the Etrange Festival. These two guys are really geniuses of their kind, using images and sounds in an iconoclast way. In France, their work as graphic designers, musiciens and video innovators became famous with the TV shows Haute Tension in the eighties and L'Oeil du Cyclone in the nineties. It was a time when we thought that everything was possible with the TV medium. Unfortunately, TV became the insane absurdity that it is now. We talked about these TV shows, their last film and many other things during this long interview. It was a great sharing moment with these two brothers whose work has often been compared to The Residents.

Here is the list of songs we played:

AND ALSO THE TREES, The critical distance/The Saracen's head
DER BLUTHARSCH, Flying High n°4
KNIFELADDER, Torn from Memory
PERE UBU, Watching the Pigeons
CINDYTALK, Debris of a smile
DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED, L'ultime quête
LEFDUP 1 LEFDUP, Tiviskrin, Nepla Relou (Lucrate Milk), Ze Tri (Ptôse), 15h38mn, Seeding the clouds (Tuxedomoon), Tripot, No Kods (Lucrate Milk)
UN DEPARTEMENT, Corges de Beauce/Une fée à table
PALO ALTO, Séquence 4
DEUTSCH NEPAL, Tintomara-Thiudinassus
AVA GARDNER, Waiting wonder
HOROLOGIUM, De Caceria el Paraiso

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